Dante's Antichthon

Ludmila Filipova (Автор)
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Dante’s Antichthon is an unique book that confronts topics like the mirror image figures of Dante and Thracian musician Orpheus; the secret of the Tenth Sign, that only a few are able to see; and the question of why the angels have existed throughout all epochs, religions and worlds.
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Егмонт България

An almost lifeless body of a woman has been tossed ashore by the underground currents of Sentino River near the largest cave complex in Europe – Grotte di Frassasi. A strange earthquake rocks the city of Belgrade, which causes mysterious, millennia-old stone figures found in Lepinski Vir, near the Danube River, to line up in the form of a hexagram for the first time since they were found in 1960s. A military car mercilessly chases a pale creature through the dense forest of the Italian province of Ancona, and at the same time the eight-pointed star in the center of St. Peter’s square in the Vatican cracks in two. An Oxford professor discovers the key to deciphering the 16th century occultist Dr. John Dee’s Holy Guardian Angel Tablet, which had stumped scholars for five centuries.

Dante’s Antichthon is a sequel to Filipova`s previous novel The Parchment Maze, which inspired National Geographic Channel for the documentarySword in the Stone & the Orpheus Amulet, but could be read separately.

Dante’s Antichthon is also the first Bulgarian book presented within the London Book Fair. The Executive director of Egmont Bulgaria Velizara Dobreva said, „We view this as a mission to popularize a Bulgarian author beyond the borders of our country. Bulgaria has so many good authors and many, many excellent novels that deserve to be read by the English speaking readers across the world. And we are ready and willing to undertake this mission.“ The book is translated with the support of National Culture Fund of Bulgaria.

Ludmila Filipova

Ludmila Filipova is a best-selling Bulgarian author who has published eight highly acclaimed novels – Anatomy of IllusionsScarlet GoldGlass ButterfliesThe Parchment MazeDante’s AntichthonThe AnomalyTypo andThe Eye Of The Sky. Her books have been translated into English, Russian, Greek, Turkish, and Serbian, and have become both national and international bestsellers. Three of them are currently being developed into feature movies.

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Dante’s Antichthon was the bestselling book for 2010 in Bulgaria. In the center of the story are Vera Kandilova, a Bulgarian archaeologist, and Ariman, a strange pale man, who is trying to discover the truth about his father – The Incorporeal One. They attempt to decipher the code of the Hidden city, designed by the architect Coppede in Rome, and Dr. Dee’s mysterious Holy Tablet, whose angelic symbols are strikingly similar to the world’s earliest known writing system, discovered in the Balkans. They also search for answers as to why the tombs in Kazanluk, Bulgaria, were built for people towering 2.3 meters – the same height ascribed to the builders of Ancient Babylon. Vera and Ariman retrace the trail towards the entrance to the Underworld, realizing that there is only one way to reach its center – to find out the Secret of the Ten and to follow the path encoded in Dante’s poetry. But what waits for them underground?

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